Here is everything about virtual reality headset that you would want to know

Out of the world experience:

A virtual reality headset is a device that can provide the wearer an experience to view immersive virtual reality which is particularly used in playing video games on the computer. But their use is not just limited to computer games. They can also be widely used in applications that are used for military training and stimulation. The tool is also used in the field of medicine and psychology to understand human thoughts and derive their behavior.

How the equipment looks and what it comprises:

The device comprises of a stereoscope which is placed in a gear that is head mountable. It includes eyepieces which may provide separate images for each eye. They have in built sound system and also hi-tech function like sensors to track the head movement of the wearer. Advanced features and additional accessories like gyroscope, disco lights, accelerometer, eyes movement tracker of the wearer and game mode controllers may be built in the head set itself. Want to know more? CLICK on

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Have you heard about the Oculus Rift Package with PC?

Released on the 28th day of March 2016, this revolutionary headset is developed by Oculus VR. It was in the year 2012, when the company called Oculus was floated and it came out with an idea to campaign for developing the VR headsets and the project saw super success with a total funding of $ 2.5 million US dollars and thus started avid research into making sure that its idea saw a concrete shape. Not long after, oculus was lucky to have found a buyer in Facebook for a whopping US$2 billion.

This device boasts of a LED display with amazing eye resolution and a 110 degrees eye view. The sound system is in built and gives superb three dimensional sound effects. The best part of the rift is that the sensor is independent and can be kept on the desk alongside the user. This allows the user’s free movement in the radius of the sensor and also allows the user to use it while sitting or lying down.

People love to the buy  HTC Vive:

There are a lot of reasons why the device is very popular

* The virtual reality that is exhibited is too good to be true.

* The VR is scaled to the room that the user is in and therefore the motion tracking is most precise.

* The headset is adjustable and therefore allows for comfy use in playing VR enabled games

* It is absolutely compatible with the Windows 10, what more can we ask for?!

Check out Zeiss VR One:

If you have heard about the Carl Zeiss quality of Lenses then you are sure to have been impressed with the reputation of the company. The same precision and laser edge image is what you get when you invest in this device. Probably the best feature about it that also sets it apart from the others is that there is absolutely no need to adjust the lenses for different people and images. It automatically corrects itself. How amazing is that?