Survivalist Knife – Survival Of The Fittest

A survivalist knife is a tool that is intended for the purpose of survival. The need for such an instrument takes place in sudden unexpected situations. The need of such equipment and tools arises when something goes wrong or when you are not prepared for a situation. These best knives that fit in a pocket can come in handy in a variety of situations. Some are urgent and some not so urgent.

Cases of emergency include

• Loss of main equipment – when everything else fails, there is always the tactical knife to fall back upon.

• Bad weather – Weather has always been known to ruin things. Damage of tents and other camping equipment require crude measures that can be taken only with sharp survivalist knives.

• Unexpected incidents – This could mean anything from forgetting something important to losing it on the way.

• Physical danger – Bears and other wild animals are known to attack in the wild. Nothing like a sharp dagger to keep you safe.

It is always prudent to have such tools in hand as a backup. It may be kept along with a first aid kit. When going on trips and camps to the forest and the mountains, the list of things to take along should cover the basics such as ‘Which are the best pocket knives available?’ Anything can happen buy zero tolerance 0350 ts. That should be the attitude. You can never be too prepared. Chance favors the prepared mind.

What are the uses of a survival knife?

• Woodcutter – when in the forests, a small branch or a large twig can always come in handy. Sharp knives are needed to break and uproot them. They can be used as a very small but very sharp axe. Splitting solid wood and thick saplings cannot be done by the hand. The presence the tactical knife is vital.

• Lighting a fire – Any qualified camper must know and master the art of lighting a fire. It is an absolutely vital skill. A campfire can save lives. Tinder is produced from the bark and branch of a tree using a survival knife. In the case of emergencies such as running out of fuel, this is what is needed by the camper to survive.

• Digging – Setting up tents is not a joke. A lot of hard work goes into building a shelter and a roof over the heads to protect the campers from bad weather and creepy creatures in the woods. Some even build a small moat around the camp site. This is done faster with sharp instruments cheap Zero Tolerance G10. Fire pits and fence building is done in half the normal time with a sharp and efficient survivalist knife.

• Tool making – In the olden times, tool making was crucial for survival. Today, tool making has become a lost art. Survival knives do it all. In the case of emergencies, these knives are used to gather and collect food, cut and process the raw material before it is being cooked.

There are different types of knives that are available that one can keep when emergency situations arise.

• Fixed blade knives

• Buck 65 hood punk

• ka-bar machete

• Infantry Knife

• Military survival knives

• Pocket knives

• Zero tolerance knives

Technology has improved so much that the type and style of the various knives and other tools in the market have improved. They are very easy to handle and extremely user-friendly. They come in safe pouches so that they do not cause accidents. The pocket knives are very small and easily portable For the lovers of the wild, this is a must carry tool. They can be used both in daily situations as well as in the matter of life and death. It is worth the money. It can save your life.